I’m a Peace Corps Volunteer serving in Novaci, Romania 2011-2013 under the Education sector of PC.


August, 7 2011


9 comments on “About

  1. Que hubo hermanita!! nice blog…I’ll have to see how I can become a follower…if you know how let me know…btw you will be THE FIRST person I follow…except my ex-s!! lol

  2. Hi Andrea, nice!!! I am not familiar with blogs, this is a good idea. I will start to navigate your blog and see what it is about 🙂

    • The main idea behind my blog is to share what I’m up to in Romania….and other random things that I decide to put up. You can comment on anything you want…pictures, videos lo que sea.

  3. Hi! It is I, you know who!
    very nice blog btw! i think you should also write something about the fauna of novaci, mainly birds… i hear there’s lots of pasarici in that lovely mountain town!

    • Master of Pasarici!!!hahahahaha Best name you could ever come up with, for sure! I’ve become a bird watcher in the last couple of months, thinking of maybe becoming a ornithologist.

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