8 comments on “Building a greenhouse and planting trees in Novaci

  1. Looks like all you did was take pics and delegate!! Ha but seriously what a fantastic way to teach the kids about the environment. Well done china!

  2. LOL good little delegate. That’s a lot of bottles! Super cool project. I didn’t know you could build a greenhouse with mainly plastic bottles.

  3. LOVE IT. You all did amazing work. It is really interesting to see the way you all color coordinated it. I volunteered the other day at a church were they took plastic bags and turned them into mats for the homeless. It was really cool to see that they used the gray Kohl’s bags together to give people options of colors, mix of colors, etc. The really interesting part was seeing that the plastic bags could become mats to sleep on. When I was looking at your photos and reading I was thinking of my time when I went to that church. I never thought about plastic bags use besides carrying. Seeing that you all used bottles which I would of never thought about that really shows that we can basically take anything around us and be innovative with it while helping the plant. Great job amiga. Can’t wait to see you 🙂

    • Thanks D! yeah we tried to color coordinate I’m glad you can see the effort! Never thought of turning plastic bags into mats, but I can see how that could work. Once I return I’ll tell you all about the recycling I’ve been up to! Can’t wait to see you too.

  4. Hi, I´m a Natural Resources volunteer currently working in Ecuador, and would absolutely love any details you have on the construction of thos project. It looks amazing, and I´d eventually like to work in the schools to create an Environmental Education program. If you have any information I´d love to hear more about the process, my email is alironeal@gmail.com . Keep up the great work, and thanks in advance for any information you may have!
    – Ali

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