8 comments on “My students singing

  1. Rock the house was my favorite part! Also, pop pop the the popcorn! You guys are doing a great job. Your class is the GLEE of Romania!

  2. Even though my speakers don’t work, I enjoyed watching the video. They were all good, but especially the little girl in front with the white blouse, she was really good. They could all be on TV,


  3. I also liked ” Rock the house, rock rock the house” . In those movements I saw you Andrea, lol. When we meet your students I am going to say ” Pop the corn, pop pop the corn”! Good job kids, remember, learning is FUN!!

  4. That was awesome. They are super cute. Also, I love how some of them got really involved and looked like there where dancing. I think next time they should all where different color gloves like the girl in the back who had blue gloves on, she looked really cool. I also like how everyone stayed involved and didn’t stop and kept going even if they felt like they made a mistake. Lastly, I loved when I saw Andrea’s hand because she looked like she was saying talk to the hand if I didn’t hear what she was saying. LOL Awesome job 🙂 can we more of these…

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