28 comments on “My students would like to know…I need answers

  1. 1. People like to go to the Sears Tower (it’s officially callled the Willis Tower, but I’m old school). When I was a kid, it was the tallest building in the world. I remember the first time I visited the Sears Tower was with my grandparents. They were visiting from Mexico and we were all very dressed up. I think I wore a yellow dress. As the elevator goes up the hundreds of floors you feel your body inside move, but it is not scary. When you look out the windows, you feel like you can see the whole world. As you look down, people, cars and buildings look like little tiny toys. Although it is no longer the tallest building in the world, it still feels so powerful to stand in front of it and look aaaaaall the way up. Recently I visited again. Special windows have been installed which form a glass box that comes out of the building. You can step out on the glass and see the ground below you. It almost feels like you are flying.

    • Thank Eira, this will work so well in my classroom. There are so many things I can talk about by just using your answer! Mil Gracias mujer. Believe it or not I’ve never been inside the Sear Tower (i refuse to call it Willis Tower) When I’m back in Chicago it will be one of the first things I do.

  2. 2. What’s the weather like in Chicago?
    Chicago weather is very crazy. Last week, it snowed on Thursday. Over the weekend it was 70 F. Today it is going to be 62 F. Tomorrow it will be very cold 49 F. It is said that in Chicago you can have all four seasons: summer, fall, winter and spring in one day. A good Chicagoan dresses in layers that way they can be ready for hot or cold weather at any time. It is also called the “Windy City”. It is very windy, especially in the winter. My opinion is that the block where the Sears Tower is located is the windiest!

    6. What country do you want to visit?
    I really would like to visit Spain. Our friend Maggie visited Spain and the pictures were very beautiful. I would also like to visit Brazil. My coworker is from Brazil and she tries to teach me Portugese. Another country I would love to visit is Peru to explore the Incan ruins of Machu Pichu. I would like to take my son to Chine because he is studying Chinese.

    7. Does Andrea sleep with a teddy bear?
    I think I remember a stuffed animal that she never washed. Until one day she decided that he need a bath. But I can’t remember this correctly. 😉

    12. What activities do you like to do with Andrea?
    I like to have fun with Andrea. We met in college and we had a lot of fun at parties dancing. She thought me how to dance bachata, bayenato and improve my salsa. Andrea and I also had fun studying. We would go to the library together and study for 2 hours and laugh for 3 hours. I like to share poetry with Andrea. She writes very beautiful. We both like Pablo Neruda, and she introduced me to many of his poems. One time, we went to the art museum that was a lot of fun. We saw paintings by Picasso. He is my favorite painter. When she comes back we will have to visit the art museum again.

    13. If you come to Romania what would be the first thing you would like to do?

    Andrea took a walk to a nearby stream and it looked so green and peaceful. I would like to go there.

    • Eira, regarding question 6…I also want to visit Machu Pichu, it’s on my do to list, it must be breathtaking. Spain and Brazil are also on my list….not sure about China but if my traveling days push me that way I guess I will.

      7. You are correct. I’m sure someone will post full details. I actually brought it to Romanian and keeps me company every night 🙂

      12. I miss dancing spanish music…I find myself dancing in my room when I clean…it’s about all the dancing I get :(. I do remember our library days, however you forgot to mention the naps we also used to take between studying. I remember studying for our first PS test with Rose in your dorm community room. I love that museum date! It was simply perfect.

      13. Indeed it is.

      Thank you for your replies.

      • You could totally teach your student how to dance!!! I read somewhere that Ballroom Dancing is very popular in Eastern European countries. You could start with Salsa. LOL

        That was a perfect day, the memory makes me very happy.

  3. 1. The most visited place is Willis Tower formerly called Sears Tower. Most Chicagoans still call it Sears Tower.

    2. The weather in Chicago is always up in the air. It is hot then cold then extremely cold you never know. The rule of thumb for Chicagoans is to always carry an umbrella and dress in layers.

    6. I can’t just pick one country. I want to go to so many countries: Laos, Peru, Malta, Madagascar, etc. I think if I had to pick one place it would have to Antarctica. I am a true traveler. I want to see the beauty of Antarctica. My boss went there for a research project and I love to hear her stories and plus, I would love to go someone only a few are willing to go to, to really appreciate for what it is.

    8. The scarier the better. I love horror movies. I can’t get enough of them. I even watch scary movies from Mexico, Argentina, and Asia. I must say the Asian horror movies are scary and twisted.

    9. LOL, Andrea was growing up a great person to know. Yes, she did some crazy things however, she never bullied anyone to do anything they didn’t want to do. She was and continues to be an amazing person who values friendship to a whole another level. However, I do remember this one time in 7th grade we were hanging out in my backyard and we had nothing to do so we started to jump off my balcony from the 2nd floor. Yeah, we all jumped like dumbs. The random things we did to have fun. Then for what I hear on Andrea’s, Vero’s, and Dana’s way they were racing on their bikes and Vero fell and bust her lip. Her top lip was never the same again. Word of advice be careful when you race and enjoy life because it goes why to fast. Also, enjoy friendship, true friends are really hard to find.

    11. I would love to visit Romania and actually I’m coming very soon and I can’t wait. I hope to meet some of you and hear from you what you like to do, etc.

    13. The first thing I would like to do when I get to Romania after I hug Andrea (cuz I miss her and her laugh…lol). I would love to see more of the Romanian cultural. Also, I love hearing stories especially oral history from those who lived it so talking to people in Romania is another thing I want to do.

    14. I prefer to work with youth ages 12-17. I currently volunteer as a mentor for young girls and I love to learn from them and help them in learning about different things. I feel that I connect better with youth then younger children.

    16. On my free time, I like to reflect and listen to music. I don’t have much free time because I’m so busy but when I do have some time, I like to chill with a glass of milk and listen to music (any kind of music btw).

    17. OMG, one of my guilty pleasures is Twilight, who would ever known. I am actually going to see the movie (Saga) this week…lol. I love those actors however, I’m on Team Jacob’s side 🙂

    • 3. Can’t say I ever thought of going to Antarctica, but i’m with you on Peru.
      8. Haven’t watched a scary movie since I’ve been here…I won’t be able to sleep at night
      11. I hope you do meet my students when you visit.

      Thank you mujer for your answers, I’ll share them with my class next week and we’ll see what they have to say.

  4. 5. What I like the most about Chicago is its diversity. You come across so many different nationalities and cultures, which makes for phenomenal restaurants. It makes you realize how diverse our world really is.

    7. Yes, Andrea sleeps with a teddy bear. He’s called Friendly Officer Comet. No matter how hard we have tried to get rid of him, he keeps coming around. He’s alive!!

    10. Andrea is not very good at snowball fights. I always used to get her in the face!

    11. Yes, I would love to visit Romania. In fact, I am going next year, hopefully in April to visit Andrea. I hope to meet all of you while I’m there!

  5. 1. What’s the most visited place in your city? Original Uno’s on Wabash and Ohio. Best Chicago Style Pizza

    3. What’s your favorite place in Chicago? North Beach. Great for sand volleyball and Bags toss plus enjoy lake Michigan.

    6. What country do you want to visit? I always wanted to go to Australia, anywhere there!

    7. Does Andrea sleep with a teddy bear? Only after watching a scary movie 🙂

    8. What type of movies do you like to watch? Horror films & popular movies like Harry Potter and Twilight

    9. Was Andrea a naughty child? Yeah, was never ready to go to school when I picked her up. She “always” made me late. haha

    11. Would you like to visit Romania? Sure, I would love too.

    14. Do you like working with children? Yes, I am a special education teacher and I love the students I work with.

    16. What do you like to do in your free time? I play volleyball and hang out with my friends.

    17. Do you like the actors Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison? Yes, I like them in twilight.

  6. Hi everyone,

    We (Raluca Dogaru and Oana Coica, from 7A) have another question for you and your friends. It sounds like that: “If you would be the president of Chicago, what would you change at this city?”.

    I hope you and your friends will answer, because we are very curious. 😀


  7. Wow, that isn’t an easy question at all. There is so much to do in such a small budget. However, I would have to do the obvious, I would have to balance a budget and get it passed. I would also change the way we value our social services providers (nonprofits) that fill in the gap of our city. I would work in order to develop a coalition amongst all of them to better address the problems of the city such as education, poverty, homelessness, etc. I would have this coalition to work together and not against each other. Many times nonprofits don’t work together because they are “competing” for the same money pool. If we got nonprofits to work together to address issues of our city it would really be a bottom up approach and I totally support that. We should listen to the people and see what they need and not tell them what they need. Also, having all the nonprofits that address one specific topic such as homelessness to tackle that issue together, I feel they would be able to distribute resources more evenly throughout the city and it would help in strategically approaching the problem to end it long term instead of temporarily approaching the problem with a band-aid. It is about addressing the roots of the problems in order to fix them.

  8. I live in Hanover Park, Illinois. This is a suburb 30 miles from the City of Chicago. I am currently serving as the Village Clerk, but if I were Village President of our municipality, I would try to continue some of the efforts we have started. Currently the economy is very slow, but Hanover Park has opportunities to grow. We would like to renew a couple of old shopping centers and build a new Village Center by our train station. This is all very exciting because we are working with our neighbors and they are very supportive. We hope that our leadership and teamwork will prove successful.

  9. If this is your answer, I don’t understand why Andrea said that she think that some of her students are at a higher level than you..

    If somebody would ask all students of our school what they would do if they would be the president of our country, more than a half of them would answer “I would close all schools, so vote me please!” and who wouldn’t answer like that, is a liar. :))

    And I think that it’s possible to get rid of the corrupt politicians.. We can kill them.. :))

  10. If I was Mayor of Chicago, I would upgrade our public transportation system. Thousands of people rely on this to get to work and for many other things and having a great public trans system is key. It also tells a lot about a city; if you have clean, up to date trains and buses it tells a lot about the mentality of the city, that we all care about it.

  11. In addition to what I wrote above, by having a modern public transportation system, it would encourage more people to ride it on a daily basis, therefore reducing our carbon footprint, making our air cleaner and our roads less congested.

  12. Hi! I have some questions for your friends from Chicago too.
    1. What is your favorite book?
    2. Do you like Celin Dion? and the movie Titanic?
    3. What is your hobby?
    4. What is your wish?
    5. What is Andrea for you? (your opinion about Andreea)
    6. What is the craziest thing which you made with Andreea?
    7. What is your favorite music?
    8. Tell me a song who you like so much.

  13. I have some questions for your friends in Chicago:

    Would you like to visit Romania?
    How do you like Romania? What do you think is different than Chicago?
    What kind of movies you like to watch?
    What is your favorite music?
    What is the most beautiful time spent with Andrea?(where they spent?)
    What is your opinion about Andrea?
    What is your favorite season? (And why?)

  14. I have some questions for your friends in Chicago too:
    -If you chose where are you from, you will Chicago or Romania?
    -In Romania, every day the students go to school with their school-bags. In Chicago go to school with the bags? Or there are special places where students leave their books after the program?
    -I love the books with vampires. I like to read! My favourite collection is Twilight written by Stephenie Meyer. You know her books? You read this books? Are interesting books? and the movies? 🙂

  15. Hi..
    I’m Magda and I have some questions for Andrea’s friends:
    – If you would have the possibility to travel in time, where and when you will go?
    – What song describe your personality the most?
    – Do you like to travel? Where?
    – What is your favorite book? When did you read it last time?

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