9 comments on “Celebrating Halloween in Novaci

  1. That is awesome sister! looks like all the kids got into the Halloween spirit! wow Christmas party…start planning, it’s just around the corner. Love the pics! very creative and I think you pulled it off great….and who wouldn’t dance to Don Omar????

    • They sure did, I also danced with them…they got very excited to see one of the teachers having fun with them :). They want to stay after school tomorrow to watch a scary movie! We’ll see what they bring…I hope it’s age appropriate.

  2. the place looked awesome for a Halloween Party….great job Andrea!!!!! The kids are so cute…luv ya!!!! Don Omar is the best!!!!

    Happy Holloween!!!!


    • Thank you chica! The kids are cute, I was truly surprised by the amount of kids that attended. Total success for my first school party. Don Omar is the best, even if he only knows 4 steps :). Miss you and look forward to your visit. Andrea

  3. hi andrea i am alex I like your photos i understant you can’t come at english club at pociovalistea

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