8 comments on “Comenius Project in Novaci

  1. Great post! Love the new look of the blog too! Sorry we didn’t get to chat at Sheila’s. But we should make a skype date!

  2. OMG I love the pics…super cute! The kids are adorable. It is so nice to see your face in these pictures…I cant wait to see you!!!!! You look great and I know the kids enjoy you as their mentor. Besos….Maggs!!!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing. I love the pics. I am super excited that you will be able to travel and learn from other countries on their techniques. I believe that will def will help you in evolving your teacher skills. When we have a chance to chat, I am curious if the language program you are working with will develop in the future to tie to a third language like French (since it’s a major UN language).

    • Thank you. I am excited too, I hope it works out. This program in in addition to my work with the Peace Corps. Regarding the language program, are you talking about the PC language program used on volunteers to learn host country language or the language program Romanians use to learn English? If the latter is the case, and to answer a bit of your question, most Romanians also learn French at school. French is either the 1st or 2nd foreign language depending on how the school. However, yes we can chat about all of this once we have a chance.

  4. hey sis, love the pics!!!! the kids are super cute and love super vaca!!you should buy those clothes and take pics…so glad you are enjoying your time in Romania

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